I got familiar with the process of creating photos being a schoolboy - it was the time of analog technology, digital had not yet dominated our lives. The time I devoted to photography was really valuable to me - I managed to feel all the magic of the process, - from releasing the shutter and film developing, to printing in the darkroom, after which I hold the finished print in my hands. But understanding the essence of the creative process though remained a mystery to me.

And now after so many years, I took up analog photography - I wanted to return to those sensations, to those magical moments of creating a print. And I could not imagine that it would be the beginning of an amazing journey into the world of art.

Once walking around the autumn city, I came across an abandoned place - there was an incredibly beautiful old tree with spreading, dry and textured branches. I got some shots there. These pictures turned out to be successful and I got a few more ideas for filming in that location. After a while I returned there, but I was so disappointed - there were no branches and the tree -  the whole atmosphere disappeared.

This story was repeated again and again in different places. So what previously seemed unchangeable transformed into something else literally behind my eyes. The whole world stopped to be familiar and predictable.

Since then, the rethinking of time has become the main focus of my work. Does the light passing through the camera lens draw objects of the physical world, or is it just spots of different saturation in a kind of composition? Or maybe the light reflects itself - an elusive moment, a light breath, a semi-conscious memory ...

To these and many other questions, I suggest you answer yourself, my dear friend. Meanwhile, I’m just trying to catch the intangible and lock it in a photographic frame :-)

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